What is Tables tag in Html


Introduction to HTML Table 

The table is defined by Table Element in an HTML document. <table> A table is started by the opening tag. And the </table> table is ended by Closing Tag. 

We represent the data in Tabular Format by Table. This data includes types of data like Texts, Images, Videos, Links, etc. We can show any type of data in the table according to our needs.

HTML table tag is used to display data in tabular form (row * column). There can be many columns in a row.

We can create a table to display data in tabular form with the help of <table> element, <tr>, <td>, and <th> elements.

In each table, the table row is defined by the <tr> tag, the table header is defined by the <th>, and the table data is defined by the <td> tag.

HTML tables are used to manage the layout of the page like header section, navigation bar, body content, footer section, etc. But it is advisable to use a div tag on the table to manage the layout of the page.

for example : 

    <td> HTML TABLES TAG </td>

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