What is Nested List in Html


Nested List 

A nested List means to create another List inside a List. In simple words, you can define OL in a UL. And UL can be defined in an OL.

Check it.

Copy the HTML code given below and paste it into your notepad++ or by typing this code with your hands, save the file as nestedlist.html And open it.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Nested List </title><body>
<li>Front End Developer
<li>Back End Developer
<ol type=”1”>

When you will see the above code in the browser, you will see a result like this.

  1. Front End Developer
  • HTML
  • CSS 
     2. Back End Developer
     1. PHP
     2. Mysql

Seeing the above example, you must have understood how a Nested List is created. You must have noticed that by opening a List Item, another List has been defined inside it. Then that List Item is closed. This is how Nested Lists are created in HTML.

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