What is List Tag in HTML

 Introduction to HTML List 

Lists are used to show important text in points in an HTML document. List Elements are used to define the list.

HTML List maintains the document structure and helps in displaying important information in points. Due to which our content looks meaningful and readable.

HTML List is very important. Lists are also used to create Navigation Menu in Websites apart from Articles. HTML Lists are used to display Product Features in E-commerce Websites.

Names and Uses of HTML Elements Used to Create HTML List

Many elements are used to create HTML List. That's why we are first telling about the names of the elements and their use to create HTML List. 

  • UL Element – The full name of UL Element is Unorder List. Bullet Lists or Unorder Lists are made by Unorder List Element.

  • OL Element – The full name of OL Element is Order List. Number or Order Lists are created by Order List Element.

  • LI Element – The full name of LI Element is List Item. The data to be written in a list is defined by the List Item Element. 

Types of HTML List

Many types of Lists are used to show the data in Points in HTML. Each type of list has its own special purpose and meaning. The types of HTML List are being told below.

This tag is used to arrange the list of items. This tag mainly supports two types of lists. In which the ordered list and the unordered list can be made. With the help of different tags, you can easily create a list in HTML. To create both Ordered and Unordered lists it is necessary to give a tag at the beginning and end of the list. Plus a special tag that tells where each list component starts from.

  • Unordered List -UL List

  • Ordered List – OL List

  • Nested List

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