what is meta keywords in html

Some keywords from HTML Document are sorted and written here by Keyword Meta Tag.

Meta keywords are always written using coma. HTML meta keywords are most important in SEO.


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Note:- A website can have any number of pages. Different keywords can be used for all pages. Use only 10 keywords in HTML meta keywords.

These keywords are not visible to the people but these keywords are visible only to search engines such as Google and other search engines. Many people try to rank their posts by using these keywords in their posts. That's why they started using more and more keywords in their posts. Due to this Search Engines started ignoring these posts.

Earlier meta keywords were quite beneficial. But due to its excessive misuse, it is now banned.

GOOGLE stopped it officially in 2009, SEPTEMBER, that your SITE RANK will not stop using KEYWORDS META TAGS. Because there was too much SPAM, GOOGLE started ignoring the meta keywords of many such sites which use more keywords in their posts.

Do Yahoo and Bing Meta use keywords?

Yahoo also refused to use Meta Keywords in October 2009.

And Bing did the same in 2014.

Nowadays, a lot of people say on youtube and blogger that use keywords and you will get a lot of traffic on your site but this is not the case. If you use meta keywords in your posts. So they now ignore them by search engines. So there is no use for it. The more time you spend searching for keywords, the more time you create good content. So GOOGLE and search engines will rank it without keywords. Therefore, I recommend that you publish your posts without keywords.

Note: - But Google does not ignore all Meta Tags. You can use the meta description. Which tells Google about the details of your post. Which increases his chances of rank. 

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