what is abbr tag in html

<abbr> : - <abbr>Element is abbreviated to Abbreviation. Abbreviation Define is used from Abbreviation Element.

The text abbreviation is given between <abbr> and </abbr>. If the abbreviation is there, its full description is given under the title attribute. For this, 'title' is the only attribute. the title attribute is a tooltip that is displayed when the mouse hovers over that text.

abbreviation tag : - <abbr> tag we use to give full form. If you have used a short form somewhere, then we give it a full form through this tag. 

Abbreviation : - You can abbreviate a text by putting it under the opening <abbr> and closing </abbr> tags. And if it exists then the title attribute should have nothing but its full description. 

ex :-

<abbr title = "World Health Organization"> WHO </abbr>

output :-