International Nurses Day 2021: How Nurse Day began, know its theme and importance

During this epidemic, the medical staff has dumped everything. Nurses are playing a very important role in these. Nurses serve patients as a mother, a sister.

Why is International Nurses Day 2021 celebrated every year on 12 May? The day is celebrated every year as the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birthday. Florence Nightingale is called the world's first nurse. He took care of the wounded British soldiers carrying lanterns during the Crimean War. Because of this, she was also called Lady with the Lamp. The contribution of doctors in saving a patient's life is as much as that of a nurse. The nurse saves his life by serving the patient wholeheartedly, regardless of his care. Stay away from home and family and serve the patients day and night. This day is celebrated for the courage and commendable work of nurses.

Beginning in 1965

Florence Nightingale, the founder of Nursing, was born on May 12, 1820. He is remembered on this day. The day was first started in 1965. Since then, this day is celebrated as International Nurses Day by the International Council of Nurses. It was started in the country by the Department of Family and Welfare in 1973. The award recognizes the meritorious service of nurses. The award is given every year by the President of the country. The Florence Nightingale Award carries a cash prize of Rs 50,000, a citation, and a medal.

International Nurses Day 2021 Theme

International Nurses Day has a different theme every year. At present, the whole world is battling the epidemic corona. Hence the theme of International Nurses Day 2021 is Nurse: A Voice to Lead - A Vision for Future Healthcare. Through this theme, efforts are being made to increase the respect of nurses among the people. This means that nurse leadership is very important for future healthcare. This time we want to show how nursing will look in the future as well as how the profession will change the next phase of healthcare.

Importance of International Nurses Day 

During this epidemic, the medical staff has thrown everything out. Nurses are playing a very important role in these. Nurses serve patients as a mother, a sister. She has been given the nickname of sister due to this relationship. The nurse treats patients by risking their lives. She is doing her duties day and night with full devotion and honesty, away from her home, away from family. Nurses face many challenges along with the joys associated with this profession.