what is a paragraph tag with Align Attribute in html

The main content of an HTML Document is written through Paragraphs. The paragraph is defined by the P element in HTML. The full name of HTML P Element is HTML Paragraph Element.

The HTML P Element is a Block Level Element. Which shows the content in the blocks. Meaning a group of text is formed.

You can define more than one paragraph on a webpage. Each New Paragraph is defined by the Opening <p>Tag. And </p> is closed by Closing Tag. 

Some important things to know about HTML P Element 

  • The HTML P Element is a Basic HTML Tag . Also called Block Level Element.
  • HTML Paragraph is <p>defined by Tag. And </p>is closed by Closing Tag. Must use Note - Closing </p>Tag.
  • All Global Attributes can be used in P Element. Apart from this, P Element also supports Event Attributes.
  • All browsers add some space above and below the paragraph. This work is done by Browsers' Built-in Style Sheet.
  • The default style of browsers can be overridden with additional CSS.

Paragraph Alignment

By Default Alignment of HTML Paragraph is Left. Meaning the Paragraph Browser Window starts from the left and goes to the right. You see this setting in the paragraph, even in newspapers, magazines.

You can override the Default Alignment of Paragraph by Align Attribute. Four Alignments for a Paragraph can be set by HTML Align Attribute.

  • Left Alignment
  • Right Alignment
  • Center Alignment
  • Justify Alignment

Left Alignment

Left Alignment is set by By Default of HTML Paragraphs. In this alignment, the paragraph goes from left to right in the Browser Window. Left Alignment is used in the writing work of most languages ​​of the world. You can set Left Alignment as follows

output :

Right Alignment 

From the right alignment, the paragraph moves to the right in the Browser Window. However, it is read from left to right. The right alignment of the paragraph is set as follows. 

output : 

Center Alignment 

The Center Alignment comes exactly in the middle of the Paragraph Browser Window. The equal and left margins of the paragraph are set to Margin. And appears in the Paragraph Center. This type of alignment is set as follows. 

output : 

Justify Alignment

Justify Alignment appears in newspapers and magazines. And in most formal writing, Justify Alignment is used. With this alignment, there is equal space on the left and right sides of the paragraph text. Justify Alignment in Paragraph is set as follows.

output :