What is Font Tag in html

In HTML, fonts play a very important role because the website looks like a pro in it, or any other font also becomes attractive to the website. The font is always applied to the paragraph or heading.

You can define different font attributes on a text by using the HTML font tag. By configuring the fonts of your website, you can make it more attractive, readable, and structured.

By default, your website's font family can be anything. But you can also use any other font family by configuring it according to your website. Also, you can change the color of the font. Provide HTML <font> tag to configure the fonts  .

You can also apply this tag to a paragraph and if you want, you can apply it to a particular text in a paragraph as well. 

There are three types of <font> tag attributes. 

Size Attribute

Through this attribute, you can customize the size of the text, the value of the font size is always given in numbers, now see the code given below.

Face Attribute

The font family is changed by the face attribute in html. That is, we give information about which font we want to apply in the face attribute. Now see the code given below.

Color Attribute

In HTML, the color attribute is used to change the color of the font. You can also write hex code in this attribute or you can give the name of the color. Now see the code given below.